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1998 OOB Show Winners

Best of the 1984s:

1st Ken Nelson
2nd Jon Brackett
3rd Turid Murad

Best of the 1985s:

1st Robert Ruscoe
2nd Michelle Roscoe
3rd Jim Lund

Best of the 1986s:

1st Matt Turner
2nd Greg Murad

Best of the 1987s:

1st Jim Lund
2nd Robert Ruscoe
3rd Debbie Edes

Best of the 1988 Coupes:

1st Ryan Malone
2nd Robert Kettle
3rd Bob Iannacone

Best of the 1988 Formulas:

1st David Paulk
2nd Mike Valentine

Best of the 1988 GTs:

1st Cliff Knight
2nd Frank Genova
3rd Larry Wheeler


1st Rob Allen
2nd Ray Paulk


1st John Nicholas
2nd Robert Herschovici


1st Joe Becker
2nd William Dorosz

Best Daily Driver:

Greg Murad

Most Miles Driven to Show (2189.4):

Mike Valentine

Off the Street Award:

Cliff Knight

Best of Show:

Frank Genova

President's Choice:

Cliff Knight
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